I Am Scared

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I am always changing and sometimes it may not be for the good.  I have all these plans, but I have yet to accomplish them.  I make goals, I write them down, and I share them only to not follow through.  What is going on with me mentally that I feel that it’s okay to give up on myself and not reach my full potential?

 I think that deep down I am scared to do it.  I am scared to actually achieve a goal that I have set for myself.  I am scared and worried about what others will say, even though I think I won’t care.  I don’t want to be criticized, I don’t want to hear or read negative thoughts about me even though I know that is just that person’s opinion and not necessarily the truth.

For the month of April I am going to challenge myself in facing my fears.  I want to see just how much I can step out from behind the walls that I have built up to protect myself from other people.  I want to see how well I can handle myself from other’s negative thoughts and to look past my bubble that I live in.

I will be sharing more on my social media accounts about my weight loss journey.  I start for a little bit, and then I find myself forgetting to post when I find myself failing.  It’s time for me to be real with my journey as it is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life.

It’s time for me to start reaching my goals.  Come along the journey with me as I make lifelong changes for the better.  Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Time for me to take it up a notch and stop letting fear get the best of me.  It’s timeout for being scared. 

Trouble Doesn’t Last Always

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Everyone will go through something in order to become a better person.  You are either about to, already going through or just left a situation.  I am in the stage of leaving a situation that really was hard to handle, but through prayer I was able to get through it.  I have been reaping the rewards beyond belief.

My story is that I am a single mother raising my daughter on my own.  I live with my parent’s because I had a situation that made it so that I couldn’t pay my rent and I ended up being evicted.  On top of that, last year I fell behind on my storage fees and lost all of my things.  So basically everything that I own is in my room, which is not that much.  On top of that I had a hard time buying clothes for my daughter for school, even had a few times where I had about $30 to purchase food for my daughter and me to last for 2 weeks.  You can say that I have learned to be a better steward with my money and to not put so much emphasis on things and to be grateful for the things that I do have.

Everything finally changed once I figured out some things that would help me be more aware of my spending and stop giving my money away paying fees.  I have been really good and I am learning to set a budget for myself.  Ever since the beginning of the year, money has been flowing in and I am finding myself not running to the bank to cash checks because I need money.  I take it in when I have time and I am spending my money on things that I am going to use.  I also purchased a few things for myself since my birthday is coming up soon.  I haven’t done that in a long time.

I am not writing this to brag or anything.  I just want to let everyone know that if you finding yourself at the end of your ropes or feeling like a failure because your checking account is negative or you are about to be evicted or your car is about to be repo, hang on because it does get better.  You might not see it, but your reward for staying the test is so much better then what you had before going through.  Take it from someone who has gone through all of the above and has become a better person because of it.

My suggestions for those who are about to or who is going through their test right now, remember to pray and know that it will not last forever.  God will never put more on you then you can handle.  The whole point of a test is to make you a stronger person and to help others who might be going through the same thing.  So stay strong my friend, trouble doesn’t last always.

Making A Commitment

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As the close of March 2014 happens today, I would like to do a recap of some lessons I have learned during this month.

I have learned that I am someone who needs to commit to a program and stick with it no matter what.  I had made it a goal to do a full round of Turbo Jam and to follow the Super Shred meal program.  I was doing good for about the first 3 days, but then things went downhill real fast and I have yet to recover from it.  The whole reason for me doing the programs was so that I could past the time until I received the program that I had pre-ordered, 21 Day Fix.

When it comes to my business side, I did a better job this month.  I have setup a number of things that successful business need.  I have set times for me to get the job done.  I have figured out how to advertise my challenges more effectively and grow my social networks as well.

The things that I will be working on for April is to start and complete the fitness program, 21 Day Fix.  I plan on following as it is laid out and not missing any exercises or cheating on my meals.  I am determined to be a success story for this program.  I plan to also start the Ultimate Reset after I do a round of the 21 Day Fix.  I am thinking about doing the program, Les Mills Combat and doing the Reset would be the idea program to do to give me the results that I need.

I want to grow each of my social platforms by 100 by the end of April. To do this I need to be consistent with my posting and adding to my network.  I can do this by sticking to the set hours I have set aside each day, make weekly goals to focus on and start writing them down in my folder that I have made for all of my business things.  I think that I will also buy a planner that I can physically write on as well.

I am making a commitment to achieving all of the goals that I have set for myself.  This time next month I will be blogging about how I reached all of my goals and how happy it felt doing so.

Did you accomplish your goals you set for yourself in March?  What goals are you working towards accomplishing in April?

Pure Excitement

21 day fix challenge pack

Whoever knew that I would be so excited to be receiving a new fitness program?  I have been struggling for the past few years with getting and staying motivated when it comes to my weight loss.  I start off with high expectations from myself, only to be let down when I don’t stick to it.  This new program looks like what I need.  I will finally be receiving the program, 21 Day Fix.  It has been on preorder status since a few days after it launched in February. 

The program seems simple enough in that I don’t have to measure or count calories and the workouts are just 30 minutes a day.  The program is made to last for 21 days, which is very doable.  I needed something to kick my butt into gear and I believe that this program will do just that.

I am going to keep myself accountable and I believe the best way for me to do that is to blog about my journey.  I know that I will have to do more than one round to get to my idea weight, but at least I will be able to have a place to write down how I feel and to make sure that I succeed this time around.

4 Ways To Eat Clean On A Budget

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Being a single mom and student, I find myself having to budget my money more often than in the past.  I was one of those that would go to the grocery store and just put whatever I wanted in the cart and not think about the price.  Now that I am older and have a little one to take care of, I am more aware of my spending.  Now that I have finally decided that eating clean will be my diet choice forever, I have been coming up with ways to keep the cost down.

Buy fruits and vegetables in season.  This didn’t dawn on me until recently, but fresh produce is cheaper when it is in season.  This makes total sense now as I think about the fact that I am unable to find organic strawberries in December and the price slowly lowers as it gets closer to spring and summer.

Buy organic on certain things.  Let’s face it, buying everything organic can be very costly.  I now buy organic only if I am going to eat the flesh of the product.  For instance, I don’t necessarily buy organic oranges as I am just going to peel them and throw the peel away.  I do buy organic lettuce and carrots.

Buy on Sale.  I know this is a no brainer, but start planning out your meals according to what is on sale can save you a lot of money. Sign up for store discount programs as this a good way to save even more.  When meat is on sale, be sure to buy a lot and freeze it.  This item is usually the costliest, so when a good deal comes across be sure to take advantage of it.  This will help you for future purchases as all you will have to think about buying are side dishes which usually are cheap.

Make your own.  Whether its almond milk or oatmeal flour, making it from scratch can save you a lot of money.  A lot of times all it takes is having a good blender and finding an easy recipe.  Paying for convenience adds up.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive, all it takes is planning.  What are some ways you cut your costs when it comes to eating clean? 

Fuel To My Fire

Flame Background

This week was a trial for me.  I had a situation happen this week that has changed my priorities and made me more motivated than ever.

For a few weeks I have been re-evaluating some decisions that I have made and was wondering if it was the right thing for me to do.  It took a few days of teetering on the idea of changing the direction I was going, but the past few days have made me realized that I don’t need to change anything, but just work even harder at succeeding at what I have started.

This week I started on a new diet plan and so far have not cheated, though I have been tempted to do so.  I have discovered that I do have discipline and that I can follow a program as it is laid out.  I keep myself focused on wanting to know just how much weight and how many inches I will lose.

I started a new workout program and so far I am doing great.  I just had to switch one of the days because of a situation I was dealing with and didn’t have time to exercise.  I am committed to not miss one day no matter what surprise that may come up that day.

I am starting to get ideas as to how to start moving my business and it makes me excited when I think about it.  My focus and why is my daughter.  I need to be able to be home with her and have her go to a private school that will be a good fit for her.  Right now I work nights, but I’d prefer to be home for her.

My life has finally changed from being chaotic to manageable and now is the time to for me to start doing what I was put on this earth to do and that is help others become physically and financially fit and finding others who feel the same way as well.

This week has fueled the fire in me so that I can pursue my destiny.  I am more focused than ever and now I am going to meet my goals no matter what.

March Goals


March is upon us so it’s time for me to get serious about my weight loss.  Time out for talking about what I want to do and fail at doing it.  I have looked around and I think that I have finally found what is going to work for me.

I am going to do Turbo Jam like I had planned to do in February.  For some reason I never really got myself up to finishing the program.  I want to get results and I know this program will do it if I follow it.

I will be doing the Super Shred diet.  The diet is designed to help you lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks, the healthy way.  It is not meant for you to be on it for a long time, just meant to help you get big results in a short timeframe.  I have been struggling with eating and I think that this will help me get started and keep me motivated.

I am making it a goal to drink at least 8 cups of water each day.  I know that it is recommended that you drink at least half your body weight in ounces, but I need to work my way up to that.  Water is essential to weight loss and I need to make sure that I am getting enough each day.

I plan on keeping myself accountable on my Instagram account by posting daily about what I did and how I am feeling.  I will post my results weekly on my Facebook page.  I will post my results on here. 

Everything is written down and now there is no turning back.  I really need to get my butt into gear and to get this weight off.  Time to find the healthier and fit version of myself.

What are your goals for March?  What are some things you are going to do to keep yourself accountable in achieving them?

It’s That Time Again


As February comes to a close this Friday, it’s time to open up my big challenge.  Starting today, you can sign-up for the Weigh To Go! Weight Loss Challenge that will begin on April 6th.

For those that have not heard about this challenge, it is a 12 week challenge to help you develop healthy habits to lose weight.  Each day you will have tasks that are worth points.  Each day that you earn a perfect score you will earn a chance to win prizes.  The prizes are given away at the 4, 8, and 12 week mark.

You don’t have to pay a fee or purchase a workout program in order to join, but I will help you choose a fitness program or supplements if needed.  The only requirement to join is that you are not a beachbody coach or actively working with one.

So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the form here before March 30th.  If I receive the form after this date, you will be put on a waiting list for the next challenge that will begin on July 6th



Sorry Didn’t Do It

stop excuses tell the truth, take responsibility and have no reg

Do you sometimes get in those moods where you feel sorry for yourself, even though you know it’s not justified?  Well that’s how I am feeling right now.  It seems that no matter what I do, I feel like I am failing at my goals.

I am a procrastinator and I have a hard time following through.  There, I said it and now it’s out there in the open.  I have good intentions, but sometimes I rather just give up then try and fail at something.  I think it’s the perfectionism in me.  I need to learn that it is okay to fail at things as long as I give it a try.  How else will I know if it will work?

I am going to set a goal for myself this week to focus on a plan for my weight loss.  I keep trying new things, but I just haven’t found what is going to work for me just yet.  This weekend is going to be all about getting a plan in place and to stick to it no matter what.

I have pre-ordered a new fitness program that should be arriving at my front door mid-March.  I have also purchased a new diet book and cookbook that I should receive by this Saturday.  I am planning on combining the two with my Turbo Jam workout program that I have to see what kind of results I can get while I wait for the other program to come.

The next few weeks are going to be filled with planning and making sure that I stay committed to my plans.  I know that I will be successful this time around; I just need to believe that I can do this.

What are some goals that you are finding hard to accomplish?  What are some steps you are doing to change that?

Combat The Fat Challenge


Are you ready for a challenge?  Starting March 17th and April 7th I will be hosting the challenge group, Combat The Fat.  The challenge is focused around the workout program, Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat is an explosive mixed martial arts–inspired body transformation program that will help rip, shred, and lean you out for unparalleled results.  Blending dynamic martial arts–inspired training with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Les Mills Combat pushes your body far beyond where it’s ever been before. You’ll punch, kick, and strike your way to the biggest adrenaline rush and your best body ever! 

For the rest of February and the whole month of March, the Combat challenge pack will be on sale for $140!  The challenge pack includes:

-          Les Mills Combat program

-          Shakeology flavor of your choice

-          Free 30 club membership to Team Beachbody online

So what are you waiting for?  Reserve your spot before they are gone as there are only 5 spots in each group.  If you are interested in joining, don’t forget to fill out the form below.